Sustainable Clothing Versus Fast Fashion: Why should you care?

Sustainable clothing versus fast fashion has been the debate of the hour. With the fast fashion giants killing the fashion industry by providing us with the latest fashion trends at cheap rates. But they are also damaging our planet in a big way. Sustainable fashion has been developed in response to fast fashion. Here are the reasons why we should buy responsibly.


Have you ever wondered why fast fashion is so cheap? If you are paying 300 bucks for a t-shirt imagine what would be the cost of producing it? There’s obviously someone else who is paying the price for it. It has been found that more than 60 million people work in the garment industry to churn out cheap, replicated clothing. A lot of theses people are female, underage and from poorer, rural regions. They work unbearably long hours and earn as little as 39 cents an hour to produce garments sold to fast fashion giants, for mere cents apiece. Their less-than-fair wages do not even cover basic living costs, like food and accommodation.


A lot of sustainable fashion pieces can be more pricey because they are made with better materials. These pieces will last longer and are better quality. The fit and the finish is impeccable and are made by trained and skilled people. It takes time and effort to make garments that are high quality and that often contributes to high pricing.


One reason fast fashion is so popular is because of its affordability. Spending the extra money on sustainable fashion is difficult, especially as college students, but it is worth it because not only are you saving the environment, but you are saving yourself money because your pieces will last longer!

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